Water Bead 10 gram Packets

Water Bead Packaging


   To make a purchase go back to the glass display pictures for each color desired then click to select qty desire. 

Our water bead crystals are packaged in clear pressure sealed plastic bags with the exception of black, white, orange, mixed colors and aqua blue, these colors are individually weighed then packaged in zip lock bags. We do not offer fancy packaging so we can keep prices low then pass the savings to our customers. Our company is eco-friendly, by reducing unnecessary packaging, we reduce waste and therefore contribute to a healthier environment. Our Water Beads are non toxic have many uses and can  be used over and over again. When you choose to dispose of them, we recommend mixing them into the ground soil or garden. 

Additional information

Weight .35 oz
Dimensions 3 x 2 x .35 in

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