Gallery of Ideas

Below you will find a variety of ideas for Water Bead Uses. More will be added in time. If you have your own you’d like to share, I would love to hear from you.  Look through them and get inspired!  

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Special Occasion Centerpiece. Center you pillar candle, add Clear Hydrated Water Beads then place white flowers around the candles on top of the water beads to finish it off. Super Simple, inexpensive and incredibly impressive
Lovely Water Bead and Teal light Centerpiece for Valentine Parties, Weddings and more
Halloween Decor. Change colors and designs according to the Holiday
Feathers, Balloons, Branches are just a few ideas on what you can add to create unique displays
Water Beads look great displayed in stemware.
Layered water beads and  submersible tealights
Grow water loving plants such as bamboo, philodendrons etc. to grow plants instead of soil. Makes for a very attractive look
Pink Rose heads and Clear Water Beads set on a mirror adds an elegant touch to this display
Any water loving bulb can be grown using water beads instead of soil
Add a layer of water beads to the bottom of the vase then fill with water. See how it changes the color of the water to complement the arrangement?
Gladiola cut flowers set inside a tall vase with a small amount of water beads in the base then filled with water. When fresh cut flowers receive ample water, they will survive beautifully accented with water beads.
Floating candle display
Simple Holiday Decor
Aqua blue water beads,  tealights, fresh cut flowers (you can also substitute with silk flowers)
Save money and make your own, its cheap and so simple. Use water bead colors to match your decorating style.
Scented oils and water beads
Room Freshener

Teal water beads and candles


Special Event table decor. The butterfly piece in this display adds a really nice touch of class
Simple Elegance! A clear vase , silk or fresh cut flowers, submersible tealights and purple water beads. Wow!
Holiday Decor, fill with red, green, blue etc.
Here we used a fish bowl and inserted a small candle holder in the center then added water beads.
Ocean Blue Water Beads with silk flower heads glued to the tip of branches adds a perfect touch to a country home. The branches can also be spray painted white and different water bead colors chosen to match your decor. For a rustic display choose colors such as reds, greens and yellows


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