DIY Centerpieces for Graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries, Holiday,Special Occasion made easy using Water Beads

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I created this  blog to be used as a  platform to exchange ideas, ask questions or just add comments that will enhance our viewers experience. In our Gallery of Ideas I have posted a variety of different options for Water Bead uses.

Just to clear up any confusion, I need to say that Water Beads, Orbeez, Deco Beads, Magic Water Crystals, Crystal Soil and the list goes on, these are all the same product. The reason you see so many different names is simply because sellers have created their own business names for the product. All in all, they’re all the same product with the exception of quality and packaging.  Water Bead Creations has chosen to do product testing to bring customers the best product while keeping the prices as low as possible. Our packaging is not fancy but the product is the best, in the end that’s what matter.



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    We’ve all seen them, beautiful shiny deco beads (Water Beads) air fresheners. They look great and smell oh so good. Well now you can easily make them for a fraction of the cost. These jelly air fresheners are not just great for the home but they also make wonderful Christmas gifts
    Here’s all you do.

    Supplies Needed
    • Mason Jars
    • Water absorbing polymer or Water Bead Crystals
    • Water Based Scented Oil or Essential Oils
    • Tulle
    • Twine
    • Cinnamon stick

    1. In a bowl, stir together 1 teaspoon polymer absorbent crystals. 4
    Note: You can use water beads or water gel crystals both work equally well. Water Beads will provide you with colorfast colors while water gel crystals will be clear unless you add food coloring.
    Now add 3 cups of tap water
    2. 40 drops scented oil, you may add more if you desire a stronger scent
    3. Stir together until blended
    4. Allow this to set for at least 6 hrs.
    5. Split the mixture between two half-pint mason jars.
    6. To use immediately, place a thin piece of lace or tulle over the jar (leave off the jar lid) and screw on the ring. You can also use a metal cover and make holes using a nail and hammer.

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