About Water Beads

DIY Centerpiece made with purple Water Beads and Submersible Tealights

Water Beads are fascinating tiny polymer crystals that absorbs, retains and releases water.  They are non toxic, eco friendly , have many uses and can be used over and over again. Water Beads are known by  many different names .
The most popular names include some of the following:
Orbeez- Water Bead Crystals-Magic Water Beads-Hydro Gel-Soil Crystals-Floral Water Beads- Deco Beads-Cosmo Beads-Gel Water Beads and the list goes on.
Water Beads are packaged and marketed differently however they are all the same.  Noteable differences are the quality and the packaging sizes of the beads. Water Bead Creations carries only the best quality, packaged in 10 gram packets and sold at the lowest possible prices. I offer water beads in many different colors, since they don’t bleed they can be layered to create unique arrangements. 
Be sure to check out our Gallery to view a variety of ideas for Water Bead Uses. More will be added in time. If you have your own you’d like to share, I would love to hear from you.  Look through them to get inspired.  
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