Welcome DIY Crafters!

I’ve created this  “Gallery of Ideas” on how to use  Water Beads to help you get inspired on how you easily create beautiful  very inexpensive DIY crafts.  Water Beads  are available in a variety of beautiful colors . Join the millions who are fascinated by these tiny little pellets that are capable of absorbing  100 times their weight in water.

FYI:  Water Beads are also called Orbeez,  Deco Bead, Magic Water Beads, Crystal Soil, Water Crystals, Gel Marbels and so on, these are just some of the names people use to describe them but they’re are all the same product. The difference will be found in the quality of the colors and how long they will last. In order to provide my customers with the best, I conducted product testing and have concluded that the Water Beads I offer  is one of the best products available on the market today. Colors can be layered or mixed to achieve a variety of effects without the worry of bleeding or fading.  By purchasing directly from the manufactures, I am able to offer you affordable, competitive pricing.

To begin using water beads they must be hydrated with cold water, the process takes 6 hrs or more in order to get them to grow as large as possible. Once fully hydrated they are ready to be used in a variety of ways. Your water beads can also be dehydrated and store for later use, simply stop giving them water and they will dry up, when you want to reuse just add water and they are ready to go!. They can be used over and over again and will last for years. To prevent discoloration, do not display them in sunny windows. 

The Gallery of Ideas showcases a nice variety of ideas for your creativity. Should you have any of your own ideas that you’d like to share with our viewing audience, I would love to post them.

Please contact me with any questions you may have. Your emails will be answered promptly. Have a wonderful shopping experience. I look forward to hearing from you.


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